BFSA Breaking

Over the years breaking has developed tremendously and as breaking commissioner in South Africa it gives me great pleasure to see especially our youngsters coming through the ranks and developing into skilled breakers.

There are however a couple of rules that we need to reiterate in order to remain a credible Breaking Federation in line with international breaking organisations.  

Last year we introduced new breaking boards for the age group 13 and 14. Although still plastic and re-useable, they are tougher to break, but more importantly they are flat and bigger.
This is to ease the transition from the plastic tiles to the roof tiles from age 15 and up.

The following rules need to be understood clearly.

  1. No jumping – When a competitor breaks one foot must remain on the ground at all times. The competitor may take one step during the breaking routine, but no running in will be allowed.
  2. There is no relation between the amounts of tiles a competitor pre order and the amount being stacked for the break. It is always advisable to order 2 or 3 tiles more. The amount of breaks will be determined by the amount of breaking stations. For Destiny there will be 8. This 8 people will stack and break at a time. Once those stacks are done, you may not add or remove tiles.
  3. The highest ranked breaker will break last. The order will be determined by Destiny 2014 1st to 3rd. Then Classic 1st place winner. The rest of the breaking order will be completely random and to the discretion of the chief breaking official, Sempai Gavin Stopforth.
  4. Leaning or pushing through the stack, mostly with the red plastic tiles, will not be allowed. The break must be caused by a strike not a push. The indications from a judging perspective will be when the competitor drops past his hips.

Please find attached more detailed information regarding breaking. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance in this regard.

For any information or clarity you can contact Sensei Karel –