Collectors Shirt 2016


We continue to add to our collection of Destiny T-Shirts with this new and exciting offering to all competitors.

NMA/ISKA was the first organisation in South Africa to start this trend (FACT) and now it seems every tournament has followed in our footsteps. Be assured we will offer the best product at the best price and that it will truly remain that which it is. A collectors shirt only available on pre order with No second run sales at the event.

Anyone may order from your Dojo for competitors, family, friends and supporters! You want it, order it!

Price is STILL R160 a shirt.

Please be aware that all orders must be in by the 16th of September please.

Please follow ordering protocols as seen at the bottom of the page regarding ordering and payment.

T-shirt orders are separate to tournament registrations and as such must be handled with payment due on ordering.


The Order Sheet is only for Dojo or group ordering AND NOT INDIVIDUAL ORDERS! We will package all your shirts ready for you at collection of Destiny instructors Packages on Friday night at the venue.

Please be sure to save the order sheet as DESTINY T-SHIRT (YOUR NAME) 2016