Destiny 2019

Destiny is the annual NMA/ISKA National championships. It is attended by teams from all over the world and South Africa with an average attendance of about 1100 competitors and several thousands of spectators over two days of competition. It is open to juniors and seniors of all ages and belt groups. Belt groups compete together under weight and age groups. Lower grades do NOT compete against higher grades. There is 4 divisions in general: Beginner (white & yellow) Novice (orange & green) Intermediate(blue & purple)  Advanced (brown & black belt) There are divisions for; Points & continuous fighting, Free style forms, weapons forms, Traditional Kata & Kumite, Self Defence, breaking for juniors & seniors, High kick challenge, Extreme kicking, Submission GI & NO-GI Grappling, Tag team matches, Sport MMA and Sport Full Contact & ISKA Full Contact Kickboxing (for adults only). Even if you are brand new to competition fighting, enter one primary division at first and I assure you when the next tournament comes around, you will be entering at least 3 or 4 divisions. Remember we also have non contact competitive divisions such as high kick & breaking where there is no member against member fighting. It is very much an individual challenge division.

NMA/ISKA is well known for its safety laws and contact regulation. We do not allow any head movement or excessive contact in either points or continuous divisions. So you need not be concerned about you or your Childs safety.

WHO CAN ATTEND? All affiliated or invited members can attend regardless of grade or age. Remember we choose official teams to compete at the ISKA World Champs in Orlando 2019 on all belt levels. You do not need to wait till you are a Black Belt to compete internationally. We give you the opportunity NOW to gain valuable International experience early on in your fighting career to gain experience for the day you return to compete at Black belt level. Yes, official Provincial Teams are selected and present but you have to qualify for provincial colors at the Provincial tournaments known as the CLASSICS which take place throughout SA. So we encourage all of you to attend!

DESTINY IS A FULL MASA & SASCOC SANCTIONED EVENT & NMA/ISKA is the only recognized organization in South Africa that may award colors for Sport Martial Art divisions, Sport Grappling and Sport MMA divisions.