Registration Sheets

All registration sheets are due by the 9th of October 2015.

  • All clubs must pre register by the 9th of October, No Club or style registrations will be accepted at the venue. Only extra individual entries can and will be accepted.
  • Adding new students to your Pre – registrations will only be able to be done on Saturday till 12pm. All New registrations will then be closed for the tournament.
  • Adding new divisions to already registered students can be done at the venue but only if the student was Pre registered by the 9th of October.
  • When you receive your junior and senior registration sheets you need to fill in a cell phone number and email account of each person entering from your Dojo. Registration forms with the instructors details on (email or cell phone) entered on individual entries  will not be processed. The electronic registration sheet will also not allow you to duplicate the same cell number twice so please ensure your students have entered the correct detail on the waiver. Parents information should be asked for in case of minors. This is very important as the SA Team selections take place within 1 week of Destiny and any chance of them getting the selections notification or not depends on the accuracy of the information received on the registration forms. So please, the moral of the story is check each individual waiver that there is a accurate cell phone and email information listed and please ensure you transfer that information carefully onto the registration sheet.


IMPORTANT! Because the waiver has more division selections, it was necessary to print it on two separate A4 size documents. BOTH PAGES must be returned by ALL students and handed in before you can receive your Destiny package with fighter cards.



Effective defence is no longer a criterion for scoring points in Full contact, MMA, Grappling or Continuous divisions. Rather it now will only help you not to lose. Judges in NMA/ISKA will not score on how well you can defend but how well you can attack. This does not mean you do not need to defend, this is a given, a requirement to compete at full contact level in the eyes of NMA/ISKA. If its lacking or nonexistent, your fight will be stopped and you will lose!


Points are scored when a fighter executes successful attacking techniques while on his feet. Significant strikes or power punches are valued higher than the total amount of strikes a fighter lands throughout the round. Therefore pitter patter punches don’t score as highly as when someone lands a solid body blow that sends his opponents to the ground or have to react due to pain. Cut’s, swelling and bruises (full contact)   also play into this factor. We have to take these values and implement them into the Full Contact format.


A new definition has been given to “Effective Aggression” as a way to reward fighters who push the pressure during the rounds and prove they have what it takes to dominate through hard training and conditioning done in the Dojo. It basically interprets into fighters achieving points for moving forward while executing EFFECTIVE legal techniques. The new amended changes to the judging criteria also now allocates points for fighters based upon how well a Fighter determines the pace and position of the fight. This is known as ring control. Show it and you will gain from it.


Yours in Martial Arts

NMA Head Office