The first Mixed Martial Arts Academy! – The NMA

Shihan Paul was the first Instructor to adopt the phrase “Academy” in the country. Those years it was always Dojo or Club. Today, everyone uses it! Grappling was unheard of then, and there was, as is today very few qualified people teaching arts such as Aikido or Jiu-jitsu. Evolution was knocking on the door.

Through the years Shihan Paul traveled the Globe competing and training with Chief instructors from all over the world. USA, the East, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, UK, Ireland, Canada, Russia and Italy are but a few to name. The time spent abroad was never wasted! Where ever he went, he trained, learnt and returned to pass on the knowledge.

MMA & Mixed Martial Arts – What’s the difference?

Mixed Martial Arts as phrased and adopted by Shihan Paul has NOTHING TO DO WITH MMA as it’s known today. Then MMA did not even exist. UFC or Cage Fighting hadn’t begun yet. The point we are making here is don’t get confused with what the Academy offers. Although we do a certain amount of MMA fighting styles, predominantly we are a true Mixed –  Martial Arts Organisation.

What we do is actually teach various syllabus in each separate form of martial arts at various levels in the different grades. In laymen’s language, we teach:

* Traditional Karate (Goju)
* Kickboxing
* Muay Thai
* Jiu-Jitsu
* Grappling
* Aikido
* Hapkido
* Filipino Khali / close combat, knife fighting
* Specialized street defense.

All students receive tuition on all these arts at the dojo and at no extra charge.  It is the focus of Shihan Paul and the NMA to offer the student the ability to learn and cross train in many arts in order to give the student maximum value.


We have clubs throughout South Africa in all provinces. See a list of Dojo’s here

If you need any information on these Dojos please email the following address offering all details including your suburb and the city you live in and we will return your mail with all the necessary information.

For seminars bookings please contact Shihan Paul directly at either the following email address or contact number.

shihan@kickboxing.co.za This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   021 559 KICK (5425) / 082 772 1012

About Shihan Paul Cave

The Mixed Martial Arts Academy concept took root when I decided that my previous years of traditional training, although very technical and a way of life for me, was not always effective in the real world. After spending 15 years in the night club, entertainment and security industry, change came from necessity, not calculated decisions. Having gone through several years of working for a European High level Close Protection Unit where firearms are illegal, you had to rely on technical ability, conditioning and experience.

Confrontations and brawls are for amateurs and wanna be’s. What was needed was effective reaction utilising the best and the worst techniques from all forms of martial arts and street defense. No matter what style you do, Traditional or Modern, it’s only when you come up against seasoned street fighters and the toughest of men that you realize two things. Firstly, you can never know it all. And secondly, there is always someone better somewhere.

For me, I can say today that I had a mixture of fortune. Years of training and experience saw me through some very, very serious situations. Backup is also a wonderful thing! Although I have never suffered any serious injury, or ever been knocked out, I could say it was because I was “good”. Today I will admit to it being mostly experience, conditioning and a lot of confidence (or arrogance as some would choose to put it).

Were there times when I doubted, sure! But the one thing that can almost always over ride superior strength is a combination of experience and knowing your physical capabilities and limitations. Presence is everything though! If you know what you’re doing, it shows. You can’t fake presence! After being stabbed twice, shot at several times and losing my brother, Wayne, in a violent way, I walked away from the industry and turned to teaching professionally both within the industry and on the Dojo floor.

What followed was the creation of a unique and first of its kind in South Africa, the National Mixed Martial Arts Academy.

Shihan Paul Cave

* European Heavyweight Champion
* International Degree Goju Kai (Japan Graded) and various grades in Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Grappling, Khali and Knife fighting
* International Master Instructor
* Founder: National Mixed Martial Arts Academy SA
* ISKA SA President
* WAKO Vice President & SA team selector / Coach
* Detail Leader International High Profile Protection Team
* Hand to Hand Instructor Special Division SAP
* Defensive tactics instructor for private sector Security Firms
* In House Security Advisor for National Franchise Company
* Entertainment tactical control (Club and Entertainment industry)
* Armed / Unarmed bodyguard
* Expert analysis in the use of Justifiable Force in Law enforcement and Security Sectors
* Protection Advisor