Mission Statement

The Academy experience combines realistic training using only the most modern techniques and taught to you in a way which will evoke a passion for the sport! Our principle aim, the cornerstone of the Academy’s mission statement today, was to be recognized as a global brand that consistently delivers quality tuition, ground breaking new methods in teaching and always pushing the boundaries in the process. In short, to change the way the world thinks about Martial Arts.

Traditional Vs. Modern

Unfortunately Traditional Karate has changed or evolved little over the last 800 years. Now don’t get me wrong, my foundation is that of Traditional Goju Karate. I have trained in the style since the age of four under some of the most qualified instructors from east and west through the years earned my degree and competed several times all over the world in both Traditional fighting and kata tournaments at international level. At 16 years of age I was the youngest fighter ever to be selected to the Senior SA SAMAC Team. I will never leave that place in my soul which carries my history and tradition. Instead, I chose to seek more knowledge and improve my skills as an all round fighter and Martial Artist. As a man who spent over ten years running all the major night clubs in Cape Town I have firsthand experience on the need to deal with the real world when it comes to violence. In the real world there are no rules and regulations!

How can you possibly spend years training only in a style of karate which does not allow you to punch to the face of your opponent? It is preposterous to think of someone training for ten years of his/her life achieving a black belt degree only to be confronted with someone trained in the basic skills of throwing the most powerful overhand right hand (boxing). If that person has never known average contact to the face, they will never, never be able to handle that kind of a blow. The shock alone, if not being knocked out instantly which is highly unlikely, will cause you to hesitate resulting in a second or third blow which will finish the job.

Want a reality Check?

90% of all confrontations end up on the ground! Unless you have been taught  Jiu-Jitsu,  you will never know what to do. Your immediate survival thought is trying to obtain a neck lock or strangle hold which is due to years of “play ground brawl at school.” But if trained, an arm bar or joint submission is not only far more effective but absolutely the most painful physical experience your assailant will ever know. FACT: Most Instructors ban their students from training with any other styles!

WHY? Because they know once the student is exposed to a more modern, effective, realistic – open minded form of training, they won’t come back!

Of course not only do these Instructors refuse to accept self improvement and the responsibility to give the student the most effective training for their fees, but they also have the audacity to vocalize the ineffectiveness of training modern Kickboxing, Muay Thai or Grappling when they themselves have NEVER put on a pair of boxing gloves in their lives and have NEVER once gone to ground with a skilled wrestler or jiu-jitsu trained fighter! This is the reason the Academy was born!

We thrive on improvement and ensuring that you the student obtain nothing less than the best when it comes to tuition.

Boredom is banned from our classes!

You won’t find another Dojo/Organization like this anywhere in South Africa. There are many different schools, each offering their own benefits etc. What we are best known for are practical and workable fighting skills based on cutting edge methodologies & learning techniques.

We are NOT a Traditional Martial Art. We do not teach Katas. What we do offer, are cutting edge training methods that allow you to make maximum gains in the shortest possible time. We provide you with real skills that work in the real world and do so via proven methods in a safe but disciplined environment.