High Kick Challenge

1. Highest Jump: The competitor with the highest jump kick that causes the armature to visually move is the winner. Competitors will be required to ensure the safety of fellow competitors and spectators as outlined in “General: Safety”

2. Materials: Stand must be approved by NMA Head office.

3. Techniques: Any type of jump kick may be used. The competitor will be allowed to run a short distance and then jump into the kick.

4. Attempts: The competitor will have 3 attempts to produce the highest jump while ensuring visual movement of the armature. The best of the 3 attempts will be used. The board must be seen to move by all three judges/referees or the jump will not count.

5. Time Limits: Competitor will have a maximum of 1 minute for each attempt. Time starts when the competitor signals he/she is ready. A deduction of 1 cm will be taken off the competitor’s best attempt for every 15 seconds over the allotted time. Deductions will begin after the 3-minute total mark.

6. Judging: Judges will measure height to determine winner. Height will be determined from the top of the competitor’s head to the lowest part of the board.

7. Disqualification: If a competitor fails to knock off any boards in all three attempts the competitor will be disqualified and no place will be awarded.

8. Ties: In the event of a tie, the winner will be the competitor who produced the highest jump in their second best attempt. If there is still a tie, the winner will be determined by the total height produced by all 3 attempts.



In the junior divisions, all competitors must be accompanied by safety personal in order to prevent injury due to falling wrong on the way down from an attempt. It is still the responsibility of the Coach, parent and competitor to ensure safety is the first priority. Any one assisting with safety must be kneeling and may not assist with regards to ensuring unfair advantage due to aiding to a competitors ability to surpass that which would normally be their individual limit.

In senior divisions, there is no safety assistance allowed. You are personally responsible for your own safety and as such need to acquire the break fall skills needed before attempting that which you have yet to achieve. The NMA takes no responsibility for injury due to lack of preparation on the competitors side .A mat supplied for general safety will not be used to aid in the “Launch” or jump.