Self Defense Challenge


Professional Martial Arts uniforms, as defined in the Rule Book, are required for all competitors and assistants, no exceptions! Description: Pre-arranged self-defense scenario against up to four attackers.

Scoring Criteria: Scoring will be based on:

  • Realism: Are the attacks authentic and threatening?
  • Effectiveness: Would the defenses really work under the circumstances presented?
  • Difficulty: How challenging are the attacks and how sophisticated are the counters?
    Please note that higher scores will be awarded to Self Defense competitors whose multiple attack scenarios are performed in a continuous presentation.
  • Variety of technique: How many different strategies or principles* are implemented and are skills demonstrated from a number of different martial arts systems** (* blocking, avoiding, trapping, off-balancing, jamming, etc., ** karate, judo, kung fu, ju-jitsu etc.)

Additional Rules:

  • Competitor is limited to four (4) attackers only
  • Professional Martial Arts uniforms required for all competitors and attackers
  • Two (2) minute time limit
  • Mats will be provided and performance must remain on the Mats
  • No breaking, real weapons, dangerous objects or substances allowed
  • In the Adult Black Belt Division, top competitors will compete in the finals on Saturday night for the NMA/ISKA Title.