US Open Results 2014

The results of the SA Team at the ISKA US Open – World Martial Arts Championships 2014


AIDEN TRAHMS : Points:3, Continuous:5, Trad Weapons:5, Trad Form:4
ALEX HICKMAN : Points:1, Clash:2
ANGELIQUE GRUNDLINGH : Points:1, Continuous:5, Clash:3, Trad Weapons:1, Creative Weapons:2, Trad Form:5
ANGELO BOWLES : Points:3, Clash:1, Creative Weapons:4, Creative Form:4
ATTIE ROOS : Points:4, Clash:1, Creative Weapons:4
BLAZE THOMPSON : Points:2, Continuous:2, Clash:1
BRONWYNNE DU PLOOY : Points:2, Continuous:2, Clash:2, High Kick:2
BUNMI OJEWOLE : Points:3, Continuous:1, Clash:1, MMA Light:1, No Gi Grappling:1
CAITLIN SMIT : Points:3, Continuous:3, Clash:2
CARL WOODS : Trad Weapons:2, Trad Form:2
CARLA GREBE : Points:2, Continuous:2, Clash:1
CHANTE SCHOEMAN : Points:3, Continuous:2, Clash:2
CHANTELLE McCABE : Points:3, Continuous:2, Clash:1
DELANO MULLER : Points:5, Continuous:4, Clash:4, Creative Form:4, MMA Light:3
DRIEKUS CROUS : Continuous:3, Clash:2
DYLAN PIENAAR : MMA Light:3, No Gi Grappling:2
ETIENNE ENGELBRECHT : Points:2, Continuous:x, Clash:2, Breaking:2
EVAGNE ADAMS : Points:2, Continuous:2, Clash:1
GERHARD VISSER : Points:2, Continuous:3
HENRY BRIEDENHANN : Points:3, Continuous:2, Clash:2
JACOB NIEUWOUDT : Points:3, Continuous:2, Creative Weapons:5
JACQUES VILJOEN : Points:3, Continuous:3, No Gi Grappling:2
JOSHUA MATHIESEN : No Gi Grappling:3
JULIAN MULLER : Points:1, Continuous:2, Clash:1, Creative Form:2, MMA Light:1
LESLEY HOAEB : Points:2, Continuous:3, Clash:2
LISA RYSER : Points:3, Continuous:1, Clash:1, MMA Light:1
MARTIN ROOTHMAN : Points:1, Continuous:4, Clash:1
MICHAEL BLOK : No Gi Grappling:4, Gi Grappling:2
MORGAN VAN NOOY : Points:3, Clash:2, Trad Form:3
NADINE PATTERSON : Points:2, Continuous:3, Clash:2
RILEY LADEN : No Gi Grappling:3
RUBEN GELDENHUYS : Points:1, Continuous:3, Clash:1
SAMANTHA JV RENSBURG : Points:3, No Gi Grappling:3
SYLVESTER JV VUUREN : Points:2, Continuous:5, Clash:1
THOMAS FOUCHE : Continuous:2
TRISTAN NEL : No Gi Grappling:4
TYREN VAN DER SPUY : Continuous:3, Clash:2
WHITNEY WEST : Points:1, Clash:1, Creative Weapons:3, Trad Form:1, Creative Form:5
XANDER SCHOEMAN : Points:1, Clash:3
ZELMAY OCTOBER : Points:3, Trad Form:1
ZIYANDA RASINOUS : Clash:3, Trad Form:4, Creative Form:4, High Kick:1