NMA/ISKA SOUTH AFRICA will continue with ISKA Full Contact Kickboxing at Destiny this year.

Although we still be sending a detailed document we would like to bring the following to your attention.

Full Contact Divisions are as follows:



  • All grades 14 – 16 years of age. Full to body, semi to face with NO LOW KICKS
  • All grades 17 & 18 years of age. Full to body, semi to face with LOW KICKS


  • 19 years and older. Full to body & face with LOW KICKS



  • There will be no “open entry” divisions at any tournament. All fighters must be registered with Head Office and matched prior to the event by NMA/ISKA South Africa. No entries on the day will be accepted at any event what so ever.
  • No non affiliated club will be allowed to enter competitors to the event. Contact Head Office for registration.


There are several unique regulations within our format which should be carefully studied (see attached document) please note that attachment is not 100% finalised. Any updates will be sent to you before Destiny.


All Instructors wishing to enter full Contact fighters for Destiny must do so by adhering to the following procedure:


  • Registration protocols will be sent to you that must be adhered to.
  • All fighters will have to complete a specialised waiver and must undergo a medical (obtain certificate) no more than 10 days prior to the event.
  • All fighters will have to undergo a second medical at the venue. The event doctor has final say regarding the competitor’s participation.
  • All coaches and competitors must be schooled in the attached protocol document.
  • Anyone fighting as a “professional” may not partake in any amateur full contact event.
  • There is a minimum skill level acceptance in place. No beginners will be allowed. If within 30 seconds of any bout we determine inability to defend, we will stop the match. The same will result of any fighter utilising anything but schooled and quality techniques. Do not put yourself or your student into a situation of embracement. We are not interested in filling fighting bills or trying to raise maximum entries. When it comes to full contact we will rather have 10 quality fights for the entire tournament than have a day full of at best mediocre experiences.



We will have special development non competitive tournaments with limited rounds/bouts where all newbie’s will be able to gain experience and obtain advice in all provinces outside of the Classic Series and Destiny.


If you are a qualified Full contact Referee / Judge (ISKA or WAKO License holder) contact us in order to register as tournament official at Shihan Phil Anderson shihanphil@kickboxing.co.za or 0723850581


Please read through the attached document in order to become acquainted with the regulations thus far.  A full briefing will be held at the venue before the bouts commence. All trainers and coaches must be present.